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How We Got Started

It was during a cultural diversity weekend with the Regency Foods team recently that the partnership between ISA and Regency was formalised.

The Regency team learned about Aboriginal Australia’s story, the significance of the land and dreamtime beliefs for Aboriginal people and the importance of communication, trust and loyalty. The partnership brings together Western and Aboriginal approaches to conducting business, essentially combining the world’s oldest living culture with the operational expertise of a major state-wide food services organisation.

This unique and complementary partnership will deliver tremendous value to the client base, as well as to the regions in which they operate, and will ultimately assist Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal staff, partners, customers, suppliers and community members to work and live better together.

Our Mission

We deliver on our vision whilst ensuring that we maintain at least 50% Aboriginal ownership of the company.

We are committed to a collaborative approach with the local Aboriginal communities in the locations of our operation. This relationship guides our service delivery activities.

We leverage our success in business to deliver on our goals to be part of the nations’ Closing The Gap measures for Aboriginal people.

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